Our Mission: 
A life well spent.

There's no feeling like achieving the important goals in your life: completing a big project at work, spending more time with your family, or starting the workout routine you've been putting off for months.

At Timeful, we strive to reduce stress, increase productivity, and bring better life balance to all the people who are currently overwhelmed by everything that competes for their time.

Can we make more time? No, that's for someone with a higher pay grade. But you can make time for the things that really matter. And we can help.

Our DNA:

Artificial Intelligence

Behavioral Science

Product Design

Ultimately, [Timeful] helps all of the things going on in your life find their proper place and time—like wherever water is on a waterfall, it’s always right where it belongs.
— David Kadavy, Author, Design for Hackers

We assembled a team of the best engineers, scientists, and creative talent to rethink how we use time.

Jacob Bank CEO

Jacob Bank


Dan Ariely Chief Behavior Officer

Dan Ariely

Chief Behavior Officer

Yoav Shoham Chairman

Yoav Shoham


Annika Matta Design & UX

Annika Matta

Design & UX

Gil Shotan Engineering

Gil Shotan


Greg Wieber Engineering & UX

Greg Wieber

Engineering & UX

Hilla Wahnishe-Jacobs Design & UX

Hilla Wahnishe-Jacobs

Design & UX

Kumiko Toft Design Lead

Kumiko Toft

Design Lead

Rich Park Engineering Lead

Rich Park

Engineering Lead

Brian Frank Product

Brian Frank


Matt Rubin Engineering

Matt Rubin


Ruth Gamon Administration

Ruth Gamon


Zach Weiner Engineering

Zach Weiner


Bill Grundfest Chief Creative Officer

Bill Grundfest

Chief Creative Officer

John Han Engineering

John Han


Mike Curtiss Engineering Lead

Mike Curtiss

Engineering Lead

Zach Cain Engineering

Zach Cain


Adrian Marple Engineering

Adrian Marple



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