We’re thrilled to report that we’ve joined Google! See here for the official announcement.

Exciting times lie ahead. You will start to see the unique features you’ve come to expect from Timeful - and much more - available in Google Apps. 

What does this mean for you?

  • You can continue to download and use the Timeful app, but the team's attention will be on new projects at Google going forward.

  • You can always export your data out of Timeful (see here for instructions).

If you have any questions, support.timeful.com continues to be your best resource. 

And, finally, big thanks are in order.

Thanks to our investors: Keith at Khosla Ventures, Bing at Kleiner Perkins, John at Greylock, Matt at Data Collective, Chemi at Pitango, Ashton at AGrade, and others.

Thanks to our advisors: Bill Grundfest, David Kadavy, Dan Clancy, Brian Frank, Ted Zagat, and Jocelyn Goldfein.

And above all, a HUGE THANKS to you, our users, who gave us your time, all manner of feedback, and your trust. We hope to retain your engagement going forward, and to provide you great value in return.

As a final gesture as a standalone company, we'd like to offer you some insight into our product creation process.


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